Recommended Vendors

These are vendors I've worked with, often repeatedly,
and can vouch for the quality of their services.

Wedding Coordinator:
- Jen Stunk Stationary and Events -

I've worked with Jen several times, and her weddings are always spectacular. Every wedding has it's hiccups - if you think it's worth it to delegate those hiccups to a pro (and it is), you can't do better than Jen.

- Mary Coburn -

Mary come from a theater background, and it shows - her ceremonies are beautifully staged to make for wonderful photos, and she has a wonderful attention to detail.

- Mary Pugh -

Mary works hard to shape each ceremony she does to fit your special relationship. She's also incredibly flexable in terms of when, where, and how long your ceremony will be, and goes above and beyond to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Wedding Videographer:
- Ryan James Videography -

Ryan is great to work with, fun and very professional. He strikes a great balance between directing you and standing back and letting the action happen, and is very considerate of your guests and your photographers.

- DJ Nicki Nell -

DJ Nicki brings an unbeatable energy to her work. Her lighting setups are amazing, her music selection is top notch, and she's not afraid to wade out into the crowd when people are pumped up.

- DJ IBG (Ian Gallagher) -

You can tell right away that Ian really loves his job. He has great energy to go with his great taste in music, and will definitely get your guests up and dancing.

Sand Ceremonies:
- Unity in Glass -

Sand ceremonies are lovely, but it's tough to make a beautiful, lasting piece of art on the fly. Unity in Glass takes your sand and has an experienced glass blower turn it into a lasting piece of art.