Winter Wonderland by Zack Wussow

Emily and Ed (adopters of my former chinchilla, incidentally) reached out to me for couple's portraits. I was so excited because they had a really fun, different idea: we waited for a good, solid snowfall and then met at Bancroft Castle


It's a beautiful location - cool ruined building, surrounded by beautiful rural New England vistas. And the snow was fresh and bright. Couldn't ask for more.


Unfortunately, we also managed to do it during a stretch of record-breaking cold, so it was an unusually bracing photo outing. Not that it slowed us down!


Every wedding, engagement, and portrait shoot has its own unique flavor and challenges, but it's really fun to do something so unusual. 


Thanks for being so game, Emily and Ed!

State of the Business - 2017 in Review by Zack Wussow

It's time again. Every December, I like to take a moment and look back at the year gone by. 


2017 was Zack Wussow Media's best and busiest year so far. I said the same thing last year and the year before that, which is all very exciting of course! The biggest change was in weddings - more on that to come.



Busy Year

Beside work, this was a huge year for me personally. I got married in April, and bought a house in August! Needless to say, it made for a very exciting and hectic year!



Very Busy Fall

As with the past four years, I spent my weeks September-December taking yearbook photos all over New England, and most weekends at weddings, editing weddings, and booking more weddings. As in previous years, more couple chose to move their weddings into autumn. In September, I had eight!


Which brings us to the exciting bit...


WEDDINGS: 26 (UP 7 FROM 2016/2015/2014)

I felt so busy this year, but it wasn't until recently I actually tallied up all the weddings and just... Wow. That's an extra third more weddings. Which is very exciting! Lots of you lovely people have been passing my name around and it's showing.

It's also an odd position to be in, though, because until people start getting married in the winter, this is close to the max I can realistically do. Something I will have to think about going forward.

My career total now comes to 117 weddings!


As with last year, the majority of my engagements were sold as part of wedding packages. I'm still really glad that it's becoming a popular option - its great getting to meet and work with couples before the big day, and I really enjoy doing portraits.


This includes headshots, maternity photos, and family photos. Headshots are down 1, family photos up 2, and maternity unchanged. 

I've been making an effort to expand this part of the business, especially the maternity side. Unfortunately, I tracked down a lot of maternity folks this fall... and pregnancies take 9 months. So expect to see lots of spring maternity sessions on the blog. Can't wait!

As before, a lot of return customers this year.


This includes product photography and events. Or did, last year, when I did some product photography. It's a field I've never been particular excited about, but worked with some family friends on. This year we dropped it altogether.

Corporate events, meanwhile, are great. Very similar to weddings, but lower stakes and spread more evenly through the year. If memory serves, this year I did exactly the same events as last year, which is great. If they wanted I'd happily book for the next decade!


I can't say this section makes me especially happy. I did no coming of age ceremonies this year. That's something I would like to do more of, but I admit I'm at something of a disadvantage. I don't personally come from a culture that celebrates any big coming of age events, so I'm a bit in the dark when it comes to where people find their photographers, what they are looking for, what they expect to pay, etc. We will see where it goes next year.

The misc. events category was, as usual, an odd assortment - one wedding rehearsal (a substitute for package engagement session), and the other a first birthday party. Though perhaps I should count that as a coming of age event!

TOTAL: 48 (UP 3 FROM 2016)

I love how much this number hides the actual change in my workload. Since I traded four little jobs for weddings and then added another three weddings. It was a crazy year. 


I drove about 13,000 miles for work this year, split about 70/30 between my yearbook season and everything else. Because naturally the year I have eight weddings in September is also the year I have mostly out-of-town and out-of-state schools! Luckily, I also bought a new car this year before most of the travel, so I got to travel in the relative luxury of a Subaru Imprezza. (I do genuinely love that car!)


I also flew to Chicago for a wedding, which was an amazing trip and supplants North Carolina as the furthest place I've traveled for a wedding. (If you want me to travel to your wedding, drop me a line, we will make it work!)


My wife, Heather, was my second shooter for eleven(!) weddings this year, up four from last year. It's really fun having her along, and it helps pay our mortgage, which is important me to.


I also read 45 books, and watched 83 movies. If I had to pick the best of those that came out this year, I'd probably recommend Thor: Ragnarok and Turtles All The Way Down by John Green respectively (if you like to get your recommendations from wedding photographers). Also, it appears I neither watched nor read anything about photography or photographers. Oops. 


Next year's looking pretty good so far - I've booked around fourteen weddings, a fair number of engagements and events, and have hopefully lined up a handful of maternity sessions.


January actually has my first wedding, a trip to Florida (pleasure, not business), and the eagerly anticipated moment when I am totally caught up on editing for the first time since mid-August.

I'm sure this spring will bring a fair amount of work on the new house, and Heather and I are trying to, finally, get away for our honeymoon sometime around the one year mark.



I might take a week off as I start to update my portfolio here on the site, but otherwise we'll be back to regular blog posts soon. Hope you had a great holiday season, and a very happy New Year!

Happy Holidays! by Zack Wussow

From myself, my wife Heather, and our mostly tolerant cat Enzo...


Thank you all for another wonderful year. I hope wherever you are, and however you're celebrating this holiday season, you're having as much fun as I did putting together our Christmas cards this year. 


Back next week with the State of the Business!

Tea for Two by Zack Wussow

I was so excited for Kathleen and Peter's wedding. They asked me to photograph their "east coast reception" - the fourth and final part of their coast-to-coast celebration.


We met at Taste of China in New Haven, and started with a bunch of posed photos with all their guests. Despite the iffy weather, we found a great spot in the restaurant to set up groups.


Then it was time for the main event - a wedding tea ceremony where Peter and Kathleen prepared tea and presented it to their family elders, who in turn presented them with gifts in red envelopes and blessings.


Before I left, there was time for a few couple's photos. I will admit, I was skeptical when Kathleen's Maid of Honor suggested the nearby alley as a photo spot, but it did not disappoint!


A really fun day and a new experience for me! Thanks for having me, Kathleen and Peter. And congratulations!

A Family Engagement by Zack Wussow

(This is a bit of a throwback post, to bring a little summer brightness into our winter!)

I met Heather, Brian, and their son at Wickham Park for an engagement and family photo session. We were lucky to have a beautiful evening and a wonderful selection of flowers in bloom.

We moved around the park's various gardens, with quick breaks to look for frogs.

A great afternoon, and fun to introduce another client to the hidden gem that is Wickham Park.

Congratulations on your engagement, Heather and Brian!

A Storybook Wedding by Zack Wussow

Heather and Bryan had a great theme for their wedding, inspired by the library setting for the reception. It ran straight through from their save-the-dates to the table decorations at the reception.


The day started with prep at Heather's house where she and the girls got hair and makeup done by some of the ladies from Allure Traveling Beauty


(The star of the show, though, was their cat, Cooper.)


The ceremony was held at St. Mary's Church in Newington, a beautiful church and meaningful to the couple.


We stopped at the nearby Newington Library for posed photos.


We also took more when we got to the reception venue, The Library in Wallingford. It's a really cool venue in a converted old library, and very photogenic!


I was a little worried there wouldn't be much dancing - small venue, almost no dance floor, a kind of sedate crowd. But I was wrong - after dinner, they shoved back a couple tables and people really went to town!


Congratulations, Heather and Bryan!

Family and the Falls by Zack Wussow

For the third year running I met up with Karyn, Bob, and their son Henry for family photos. Henry's gotten so big! And has been working on his poses.


We met at Wadsworth Falls State Park, a beautiful spot that I'll definitely be bringing more clients to. 


Henry was very cooperative, and we got to have fun playing with the leaves.


It was a really fun time, and I totally agreed with Henry when he asked if we could do it again the next day! 


See you guys next year!


A Beautiful View by Zack Wussow

I met Emily and her girls, including her simply adorable flower girl, for hair and make-up.


From there we moved to St. Francis Xavier Church, where the guys obliged for some photos before the wonderful ceremony.


The ceremony included a funny moment, when Joe went in for the kiss a little early, but Emily was not having it!


Till a moment later, when they shared a beautiful kiss.


The reception was held at La Bella Vista, and began with posed photos - pretty easy with such a good looking couple!


The night was full of dancing, food, and even some impromptu karaoke!


Congratulations, Emily and Joe!