Throwback: The Reverend Gets Hitched by Zack Wussow

Reverend Jon and Greg's wedding was so much fun. I've photographed many church weddings, but few have been quite so overflowing with love from the church community as this one, where everyone turned out to celebrate their reverend.


The ceremony was great -  a friend of theirs performed the service.


The reception was fun and friendly, and I loved some of the details, like their beautiful cake.


Congratulations, Jon and Greg!

Under the Sea by Zack Wussow

Crystal works with my wife, so I was already excited to photograph her and Jared's wedding, but I got a million times more excited when she told me the wedding was at Mystic Aquarium.


It was a beautiful day, only diminished a little by falling in the middle of an oppressive heat wave. The setting, though, more than made up for it. The ceremony was held outside, in front of the beluga tank. Juno oversaw the ceremony, providing a one of a kind backdrop.


Following the ceremony, we were able to do group photos in the same spot and a handful of couples photos around the grounds. 


I also grabbed a quick photo of the locals.


The reception was held inside the main gallery, a challenging room for photos but an amazing place for a party. The room was beautifully set up and surrounded by stunning displays.


It was a fabulous night and a ton of fun, especially so for me because my wife and many of her friends were guests. 


Congratulations, Crystal and Jared!

P-Town by Zack Wussow

I've been out to Cape Cod for weddings before, but I've never been all out to the very tip - Provincetown. So I was very excited when Ryan and Grant asked me to come out for their waterfront wedding - and even more excited when it worked out that my wife and I could make a trip out of it.


The wedding day began with a beach ceremony at Far Land on the Beach - it was a perfect day for it. My favorite bit - they had a sand ceremony unlike any others I've see, from a company called Unity in Glass. The ceremony is pretty similar to any other, but the sand is then sent to be mixed into a glass vase or sculpture by an experienced glass blower. Check out the site - the end results are beautiful.

The whole ceremony was really touching with hardly a dry eye.


We did posed photos with their guests and of the couple with the ocean providing an excellent backdrop.


The celebration moved up to the snack shack, where there was catered food, tables, and some sweaters and blankets to cut the rising wind.


After dinner, it was time to cut the cake.


Since the sun was sliding beautifully to the horizon, I pulled Ryan and Grant away from the food for a few minutes to do some more photos.


When we got back, their guests had gotten the bonfire going, and one of the kids had made some commemorative sand art.


A really beautiful event and a beautiful day.

As an aside, Provincetown was a ton of fun - beautiful, fun, amazing food, lots to do. So if anyone else is getting married up that way, drop me a line. I'd like the excuse to visit again!

Married at the Mansion by Zack Wussow

R&R Samples_005.jpg

I caught up with Rachel and Robert at Tarrywile Mansion where they were getting dressed in the beautiful bridal suites. Tarrywile is one of the most unusual venues I've worked with, but also one of my favorites. It looked great decked out with cuban-inspired decorations to honor Rachel's heritage.

R&R Samples_001.jpg

They had their first look on the main staircase, and then we went and did a bunch of couples and family photos.

R&R Samples_003.jpg
R&R Samples_004.jpg
R&R Samples_007.jpg

Their ceremony was held on the wide porch, with a beautiful view of the grounds behind.

R&R Samples_012.jpg

The party then moved inside for cocktail hour. The caterer's Cubano sandwiches were so good! Though I will admit I am a sucker for any food in bite-size pieces delivered by waiters.

R&R Samples_015.jpg

They had their first dance on Tarrywile's unusual dance floor - essentially the main hallway. Robert joked that it was his first time dancing ever. At least, I think he was joking...

R&R Samples_016.jpg

After a toast, dinner, and the cake cutting...

R&R Samples_019.jpg
R&R Samples_022.jpg was time to open the dance floor. It took a little while to get going - not uncommon with a smaller crowd - but DJ Ian dialed in the music and people packed the dance floor.

R&R Samples_023.jpg
R&R Samples_024.jpg

I made sure we snuck out for a few more quick couples photos - Tarrywile has some excellent spots for nighttime portraits.

R&R Samples_025.jpg

I stayed to the end of the night. It might have been the wonderful atmosphere, the wonderful company, or maybe that the waitstaff kept handing me desserts... But I just was in no hurry to head out, even as the crowd dwindled to their closest friends and family.

R&R Samples_028.jpg

Congratulations, Rachel and Robert!

The Goth Bride by Zack Wussow

I've previously talked about my friends Skoobah and Nate when I did their unique engagement shoot for them last fall. I was super excited when Skoobah's mom, Judy, asked if I would photograph her bridal shower as a surprise. I even managed to catch the moment Skoobah realized who was standing behind the big camera lens. 


I was also really excited to see that Judy totally bought in to her daughter's preferences where it comes to theme. There was no shortage of skulls, candles, and other gothy, steampunky details. 


Also: no shortage of amazing, homemade desserts. I got to take home a doggy bag of treats which, for the record, is a very good way to tip me.


After a lovely dinner, Skoobah opened her gifts while her guests played bridal shower bingo.


A couple of her bridesmaids did something very cool that was new to me - using pieces of wrapping from the gifts, they made her a bouquet. Very cool.


Finally, Skoobah and her bridesmaids goofed off in front of the very impressive homemade photo booth backdrop. Odds are good this backdrop will be back for the wedding day.


Just a couple of months to the wedding! Can't wait, because I know it's going to be something really special.


Seven by Zack Wussow

June 14th is here, and Zack Wussow Media is officially another year older. When I walked into the Vernon Town Clerk's office to file a DBA back in 2011, I didn't really know what would come of it. I certainly didn't know that seven years, 120+ weddings, and tons of events and portraits later, this little business would still be taking care of me.


Thank you all, because I could not do this without you. Here's to seven more years ahead!

A Perfect Summer's Day by Zack Wussow

Danielle and Corrie's wedding started with prep photos at a local salon for Corrie and at the bridal suite at The Barn at Wight Farm for Danielle.


Then we did a quick first look; I love it when someone cries!


The ceremony was held in a stunning secondary room, and was officiated by one of their friends, which is a touch I always enjoy.


The reception was a fun, casual brunch affair, with good food and great music. 


It was a ton of fun, and when it was time to leave, their guests saw them off with a Bubble Exit. 


Congratulations Danielle and Corrie!

An Engagement to Remember by Zack Wussow

When Kashika and Ashish contacted me, they were very clear that it wouldn't be a traditional wedding - it was an engagement party for their American friends and family before going to India for the real wedding. I didn't mind - it was still an amazing day.


The day began with some hair and make-up, and then photos of the couple.


After a cocktail hour, they had the most energetic introductions I've ever seen, led in with a live drummer and the whole wedding party backing them up.


After cutting their cake, the couple and a bunch of their friends put on Bollywood style choreographed dances. 


Between the music, the moves, and the ladies' beautiful outfits (the guy's looked good too), it was really something else.


It only got better from there - this was a dancing crowd for sure!


Before I headed out, we got a few more photos of the couple...


...and then I wished them well on their trip to India! Congratulations, Kashika, and Ashish!