By The Sea by Zack Wussow

I've worked at Lighthouse Point, and I've worked several times at Anthony's, but I'd never worked at Amarante's right between the two until Amanda and Craig's wedding. It's a beautiful venue - unfortunately the rain kept us from taking full advantage of the lawn, but we made due.


That said, the rain did nothing to diminish the celebration. After a short indoor ceremony, the cocktail hour kicked off with live music and wonderful food.


Actually, the food was a really interesting point. Amanda had told me in advance that there was no formal sit-down dinner, just a "cocktail service". I didn't know what to expect, but figured it would be like a usual cocktail hour - a handful of snacks passed around by waiters. Well, there was that - but also constantly refilled stations with hot sandwiches, finger food, and later desserts. It was some of the best and most fun food I've had at a wedding.


After the first dance, there were a handful of touching speeches from friends and family.


Later they cut their beautiful cake. (By the way, thanks to the maître d' for making sure to get me a piece of cake - it was really good.)


Through the whole night the band kept people on the floor with wonderful music, and everyone had a great time.


Congratulations Amanda and Craig!

Everything's Peachy by Zack Wussow

Heather and I are off for our belated honeymoon this week, so rather than a typical blog post, I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of the Zack Wussow Media family, Peach.


She came to us underage and with every problem - ticks, lice, infections - you'd expect for a stray. My wife, who besides second shooting for me works at a vet office, brought her home for us to "foster till we find her a forever home", a delusion that lasted maybe 48 hours.


She's already doing a lot better, and is growing like a weed. Our other cat, Enzo, is slowly coming around to the idea of having a little sister.


We're going to miss her a lot while we're gone this week, but no doubt she will get tons of love at the vet office!


Now, off to our honeymoon! See you next week.

Lovely Lake by Zack Wussow

For Danielle and Corrie's engagement, we decided to meet at Douglas State Forest in Douglas, MA as a convenient midway point. I arrived early to scope things out, and was very relieved to find it's a beautiful park with lots of great spots for photos. And despite it being the first really warm Saturday in spring it wasn't too crowded, either.


The water made for a beautiful backdrop and even allowed for some "studio-ish" images.


Without much walking we got some nice trail shots.


Then, Danielle and Corrie gamely clambered up one of the many big boulders along the lake-shore. It was perfect!


One more quick stop to take advantage of some May flowers...


...and we were done. I headed home to start editing, and Danielle and Corrie set off for a hike. 

Can't wait for the wedding this summer!

Watching the Weather by Zack Wussow

It's pretty unfair, because there were a hundred amazing details at Shannon and Kevin's wedding, but the one that is going to stick with me is watching the up-to-the-minute weather radar. All through the prep...


...and through the first look and group photos...


...we were all huddling around our phones, watching the clouds sweep over Avon and crossing our fingers. In the end, it worked out! The weather cleared just enough at the right time that they could get married in the open air.


From there, the rest of the night was a blast. Four wonderful speeches, a touching first dance, and lots of great food and music to last the night.


It was a really amazing night!

I suppose there was one other detail that really sticks out. All night a cheery little gnome kept popping up. I never did get the full story behind that...


Congratulations, Shannon and Kevin!

The Elm City Wedding by Zack Wussow

I was really excited for Cherie and Matt's wedding because it was something I don't get to do a lot of in Connecticut - a real city wedding. Everything took place within a few blocks in downtown New Haven, and we all walked everywhere. Thankfully, we were blessed with good weather!


The day began at Omni Hotel, a lovely place I've been to before, for hair and makeup. I visited the guys, too, who were a bit disappointed with the finale to the Chelsea/Liverpool game but otherwise in good spirits.


From there, we went to Temple Plaza for first look photos and to the New Haven Green and the Yale Quad for some posed pictures.


The ceremony was held at Battell Chapel at Yale, a beautiful (and huge!) space.


The rest of the evening was spent at Union League Cafe, a beautiful old building just a short, attention-attracting walk down the block.


There was the usual assortment of introductions, toasts, and a first dance, all held at a relatively sedate pace as people enjoyed their delicious dinners.


And then, like flicking a switch, this crowd launched into party mode and rocked the dance floor. It was so much fun!


Congratulations, Cherie and Matt!

Welcome to the World by Zack Wussow

Back in 2015, I photographed Jen and Alex's wedding in Vermont. It was an amazing event in a beautiful setting.


I was thrilled when I heard they were expecting a little boy this spring, and went up to do a few newborn photos for them. 


It was my first newborn session - I brought just about every piece of photo gear (and every soft blanket) I own so I knew I'd have all the bases covered. Unneeded, as it turned out - Jen and Alex have such a beautiful house, and the light from the window was so perfect, I needed nothing but my camera.


Little Zack (obviously, I really approve of the name choice) was very cooperative! I was expecting him to be more bothered by my camera, but he slept right through every photo and outfit change. It was a really fun experience and definitely something I'd like to do more of!

Evergreen in Simsbury by Zack Wussow

(This wedding took place November 2017.)

I was so excited to work with Laura and James again after their engagement shoot last fall


The entire day took place at Simsbury Inn, a venue I worked at earlier this year and really loved. It looks great with Christmas decorations too!


After prep, they had their first look in the glass-walled greenhouse next to the ballroom.


The ceremony was indoors, a beautiful service officiated by Laura's dad.


After a fun cocktail hour set to the Beatles, it was time for their first dance.


The rest of the night was a blast, with an enthusiastic DJ and a crowd more than willing to dance!


Congratulations Laura and James!

Expecting Spring by Zack Wussow

When Eileen and I planned to do maternity photos for her in late March, I think we both expected it to be a spring shoot. So imagine our surprise when there was fresh snow on the ground!


But Eileen and John were happy to tough it out, and I really like how the photos came out!


I love the contrast between the monochromatic woods and Eileen's bright red dress. It's a great look.


Thanks again Eileen and John! Can't wait to meet little John!