A Photographer Bride by Zack Wussow

A handful of people at Heather and Brian's wedding pulled me aside and said, "So, Heather's a wedding photographer too, is that weird for you?" Short answer: nope! 

H&B Samples_001.jpg

Actually, it can be kind of nice, as Heather came in with a good idea of what photos she wanted, what spots at the venue made for good backdrops, and how to position and pose herself for the best photos. I wouldn't even be surprised if she picked her prep Air B&B because it was such a beautiful home.

H&B Samples_005.jpg

Plus, I had previously worked with Brian, Heather, and her son Reed when I did their family engagement photos last year, and that went great.

H&B Samples_010.jpg

The ceremony and reception were held at Berkshire Hall in New Hartford, a lovely little venue, and we had the most perfect weather for the outdoor ceremony.

H&B Samples_016.jpg

For posed photos we went around the grounds a little bit. We also tried out a surprisingly tricky pose (below) that Heather suggested and tested out at one of her weddings a few weeks ago.

H&B Samples_019.jpg

Much of the rest of the night moved inside the hall, a beautifully photogenic room. Introductions, first dance, and a tasty buffet dinner and amazing dessert spread.

H&B Samples_020.jpg
H&B Samples_026.jpg

Then lots and lots of dancing. 

H&B Samples_030.jpg

Congratulations, Heather and Brian!

Family and the Falls by Zack Wussow

For the third year running I met up with Karyn, Bob, and their son Henry for family photos. Henry's gotten so big! And has been working on his poses.


We met at Wadsworth Falls State Park, a beautiful spot that I'll definitely be bringing more clients to. 


Henry was very cooperative, and we got to have fun playing with the leaves.


It was a really fun time, and I totally agreed with Henry when he asked if we could do it again the next day! 


See you guys next year!


Hailey on the Way by Zack Wussow

I haven't done a lot of maternity photos, but it's always so much fun when I do. I don't need to tell you, pregnancy is amazing, maybe the most amazing thing humans do.

It's even better if you get to see it with your friends and their adorable daughter.

We set up my pop-up studio in their living room, two lights, and played around.

Little Juliet was a good sport (once she had her pancakes) and is clearly ready for her new sister to arrive.

I'm so excited to see Amanda's family expand and to meet little Hailey.

And Henry Makes Three by Zack Wussow

In what is becoming a yearly tradition I met Karen, Bob, and their son Henry at Hammonasset Beach for some family photos. 

It was great seeing them again, and it's amazing how much Henry has grown in just a year.

The only trouble was an unexpectedly busy beach (I know, on a beautiful Saturday? Crazy!), but we had no trouble finding lots of private spots, and spotted some exciting critters running around as well.

See you guys next year!

Toddling Around Elizabeth Park by Zack Wussow

I don't do a ton of family portraits, but I knew Sarah's were going to be fun. Right off the bat, she sent me her favorite photos from their last family pictures, and they weren't the most perfect or idealized photos. They were the most candid, authentic photos, the ones that captured their daughter's personality.

I met Sarah, her husband, and their two daughters at Elizabeth Park in West Hartford on a pleasantly sunny November afternoon. 

The kids were adorable but, no surprise, much less interested in photos than in playing soccer, exploring the stage and the "maze" of flowers, or playing with their beagle Theo. Who can blame them? But we got plenty of great photos of the family none-the-less...

..and plenty of goofy photos as well.

That last one cracks me up every time.