A Photographer Bride / by Zack Wussow

A handful of people at Heather and Brian's wedding pulled me aside and said, "So, Heather's a wedding photographer too, is that weird for you?" Short answer: nope! 

H&B Samples_001.jpg

Actually, it can be kind of nice, as Heather came in with a good idea of what photos she wanted, what spots at the venue made for good backdrops, and how to position and pose herself for the best photos. I wouldn't even be surprised if she picked her prep Air B&B because it was such a beautiful home.

H&B Samples_005.jpg

Plus, I had previously worked with Brian, Heather, and her son Reed when I did their family engagement photos last year, and that went great.

H&B Samples_010.jpg

The ceremony and reception were held at Berkshire Hall in New Hartford, a lovely little venue, and we had the most perfect weather for the outdoor ceremony.

H&B Samples_016.jpg

For posed photos we went around the grounds a little bit. We also tried out a surprisingly tricky pose (below) that Heather suggested and tested out at one of her weddings a few weeks ago.

H&B Samples_019.jpg

Much of the rest of the night moved inside the hall, a beautifully photogenic room. Introductions, first dance, and a tasty buffet dinner and amazing dessert spread.

H&B Samples_020.jpg
H&B Samples_026.jpg

Then lots and lots of dancing. 

H&B Samples_030.jpg

Congratulations, Heather and Brian!