Family Photos

Too Warm For Christmas by Zack Wussow

I met friend and fellow UConn alum Sarah and her daughter Marie at a park (which will remain nameless, as I’m not actually sure we were allowed to be there…) to do some photos for their Christmas card.


Of course, the weather in Connecticut being what it is, despite picking a day in October, the weather felt more like July: warm and muggy. So it took a little imagination to get into the Christmas spirit.


None-the-less, the park was a beautiful backdrop for portraits, and Marie seemed to have a lot of fun wading into the lake.


Probably only one photo will make it to the Christmas card, but I sent the best 50 - you can never have too many pictures of a cute kid.


All this reminds me, Heather and I have to figure out what we’re doing for our card this year…

Miami Maternity by Zack Wussow

I recently spent about a week in Miami visiting family, and I brought my camera, because I knew some of my extended family were expecting.


I met up with Victor and Joyce on a stretch of South Beach. As soon as a very, very small wedding cleared out, we had the beach mostly to ourselves despite the weather being beautiful. (By Connecticut standards of January, anyway...)


The rocky pier, smooth beach, and grassy dunes made for a beautiful backdrop, and the overcast sky produced a beautiful, soft light.


It was such a treat, and I'm glad that the timing of our trip worked out so perfectly.


Plus, since I had my camera handy, we took some family photos. The old ones were starting to show their age and embarrass the children, so... It was time.


Back in CT, and back to work!

A Family Engagement by Zack Wussow

(This is a bit of a throwback post, to bring a little summer brightness into our winter!)

I met Heather, Brian, and their son at Wickham Park for an engagement and family photo session. We were lucky to have a beautiful evening and a wonderful selection of flowers in bloom.

We moved around the park's various gardens, with quick breaks to look for frogs.

A great afternoon, and fun to introduce another client to the hidden gem that is Wickham Park.

Congratulations on your engagement, Heather and Brian!

Family and the Falls by Zack Wussow

For the third year running I met up with Karyn, Bob, and their son Henry for family photos. Henry's gotten so big! And has been working on his poses.


We met at Wadsworth Falls State Park, a beautiful spot that I'll definitely be bringing more clients to. 


Henry was very cooperative, and we got to have fun playing with the leaves.


It was a really fun time, and I totally agreed with Henry when he asked if we could do it again the next day! 


See you guys next year!


And Henry Makes Three by Zack Wussow

In what is becoming a yearly tradition I met Karen, Bob, and their son Henry at Hammonasset Beach for some family photos. 

It was great seeing them again, and it's amazing how much Henry has grown in just a year.

The only trouble was an unexpectedly busy beach (I know, on a beautiful Saturday? Crazy!), but we had no trouble finding lots of private spots, and spotted some exciting critters running around as well.

See you guys next year!

Toddling Around Elizabeth Park by Zack Wussow

I don't do a ton of family portraits, but I knew Sarah's were going to be fun. Right off the bat, she sent me her favorite photos from their last family pictures, and they weren't the most perfect or idealized photos. They were the most candid, authentic photos, the ones that captured their daughter's personality.

I met Sarah, her husband, and their two daughters at Elizabeth Park in West Hartford on a pleasantly sunny November afternoon. 

The kids were adorable but, no surprise, much less interested in photos than in playing soccer, exploring the stage and the "maze" of flowers, or playing with their beagle Theo. Who can blame them? But we got plenty of great photos of the family none-the-less...

..and plenty of goofy photos as well.

That last one cracks me up every time.