Out For A Hike by Zack Wussow

I am deeply, incredibly sick of snow. So here's a write-up of an engagement shoot from back in the beautiful, green, warm days of August.


Russ and Diana are a great couple - laid back and fun to hang out with. We met at Valley Falls, a park just around the corner from me, for their engagement photos. 

After getting rained out on our first day, the second morning was beautiful, warm, and bright.

It was a great time that involved a fair amount of scrambling over rocks and trying not to fall into streams. Always can tell it was a good shoot if I come home with muddy khakis. 

I'm looking forward to their wedding next year!

Marissa and Jan by Zack Wussow

(Finally, the third wedding from my very busy weekend in October.)

It's a fact of the wedding business that you are constantly popping into and out of people's lives. One day you sign a contract, months later you're part of the inner circle for one of their most important days of their lives, and then you're back to being strangers. It's weird.

Which is why it's always such a pleasure to work with people who really are good friends of mine.

Some of my clients will recognize Marissa - she has often worked for me as a second shooter at weddings. We met back in our college days, during long nights toiling in the darkroom.

Over the last couple years, she's caught me up whenever we worked together about her and Jan buying a house in the country, and then pouring themselves into fixing it up. (It helps that Jan is a contractor.) I could tell from the way Marissa talks about Jan that he was something special, but I've never had a chance to meet him until their wedding.

It's clear she's made a good choice.

I can't say how happy it makes me to see my friend so clearly in love with a man who so clearly loves her.

Congratulations, Marissa and Jan!