A Pumpkin On The Way by Zack Wussow

Brittany and Vinny contacted me to do some fun maternity announcement photos. Since it was October, they got permission from Krell Farm in Farmington to do a quick photo shoot for the announcement.


It was a short session (in part because that morning was hovering around 45 degrees…) but a lot of fun and really cute.


I’m looking forward to seeing them again in the spring - I just know Brittany is going to be a beautiful mom-to-be!


Too Warm For Christmas by Zack Wussow

I met friend and fellow UConn alum Sarah and her daughter Marie at a park (which will remain nameless, as I’m not actually sure we were allowed to be there…) to do some photos for their Christmas card.


Of course, the weather in Connecticut being what it is, despite picking a day in October, the weather felt more like July: warm and muggy. So it took a little imagination to get into the Christmas spirit.


None-the-less, the park was a beautiful backdrop for portraits, and Marie seemed to have a lot of fun wading into the lake.


Probably only one photo will make it to the Christmas card, but I sent the best 50 - you can never have too many pictures of a cute kid.


All this reminds me, Heather and I have to figure out what we’re doing for our card this year…

Lovely in Lavender by Zack Wussow

I’ve previously worked with Maria and Shawn twice - for their engagement and then their wedding. So I was very excited when, right around their first anniversary, they contacted me about doing newborn photos of their beautiful baby girl, Emily!


We decided on using the nursery in their new house (it’s been a busy year!), a lovely room in shades of lavender and bunny.


Emily was a bit fussy at first, but with a little patience and creativity we found ways to get her settled. (Or perhaps she just wore herself out…)


Either way, she was really cute…


...right down to her little toes!

Throwback: Flexability by Zack Wussow

(I’m on the road a lot this month, so here’s another throwback post, to an amazing series of shoots that produced one of my favorite - and only - diptychs of my career.)

Early on, I was looking for some fun and different ways to use my studio set-up, and my friend Amanda suggested doing some photos of her yoga practice.

AmandaYoga1 022.jpg
AmandaYoga1 145.jpg

She ran through a variety of positions as I used a couple of different lighting setups.

AmandaYoga2 008.jpg
AmandaYoga1 020.jpg

It was a ton of fun. And an extra cool detail - when I did her maternity photos the following year, we made sure she hit a few of the same poses so we could get side by side comparisons.


Pretty awesome! We got other excellent maternity photos as well. (Though I probably like the ones we did for her second child better...)


Two really fun shoots!

Yoga in the Park by Zack Wussow

I met Rita in a park near her home to do some portraits for her Yoga instruction. She teaches classes at Samadhi Yoga Studio and Breathe More Yoga. It was a somewhat humid but otherwise beautiful summer day.

Rita Yoga Portraits_60.jpg
Rita Yoga Portraits_32.jpg

As a special perk, it's a park I am quite familiar with, as I used to live right next to it. It was a lot of fun to revisit some stretches of familiar trails, and I found out they recently extended the trail network, so I will be back on a slightly cooler day in the future.

Rita Yoga Portraits_06.jpg
Rita Yoga Portraits_22.jpg

Nothing too fancy here - just looking for a simple, healthy, natural look to pair well with yoga, with a couple outfit changes to add some variety. Still, a really fun thing to do, and a bit of a break from the wedding season.

Rita Yoga Portraits_66.jpg

Married at the Mansion by Zack Wussow

R&R Samples_005.jpg

I caught up with Rachel and Robert at Tarrywile Mansion where they were getting dressed in the beautiful bridal suites. Tarrywile is one of the most unusual venues I've worked with, but also one of my favorites. It looked great decked out with cuban-inspired decorations to honor Rachel's heritage.

R&R Samples_001.jpg

They had their first look on the main staircase, and then we went and did a bunch of couples and family photos.

R&R Samples_003.jpg
R&R Samples_004.jpg
R&R Samples_007.jpg

Their ceremony was held on the wide porch, with a beautiful view of the grounds behind.

R&R Samples_012.jpg

The party then moved inside for cocktail hour. The caterer's Cubano sandwiches were so good! Though I will admit I am a sucker for any food in bite-size pieces delivered by waiters.

R&R Samples_015.jpg

They had their first dance on Tarrywile's unusual dance floor - essentially the main hallway. Robert joked that it was his first time dancing ever. At least, I think he was joking...

R&R Samples_016.jpg

After a toast, dinner, and the cake cutting...

R&R Samples_019.jpg
R&R Samples_022.jpg

...it was time to open the dance floor. It took a little while to get going - not uncommon with a smaller crowd - but DJ Ian dialed in the music and people packed the dance floor.

R&R Samples_023.jpg
R&R Samples_024.jpg

I made sure we snuck out for a few more quick couples photos - Tarrywile has some excellent spots for nighttime portraits.

R&R Samples_025.jpg

I stayed to the end of the night. It might have been the wonderful atmosphere, the wonderful company, or maybe that the waitstaff kept handing me desserts... But I just was in no hurry to head out, even as the crowd dwindled to their closest friends and family.

R&R Samples_028.jpg

Congratulations, Rachel and Robert!

Welcome to the World by Zack Wussow

Back in 2015, I photographed Jen and Alex's wedding in Vermont. It was an amazing event in a beautiful setting.


I was thrilled when I heard they were expecting a little boy this spring, and went up to do a few newborn photos for them. 


It was my first newborn session - I brought just about every piece of photo gear (and every soft blanket) I own so I knew I'd have all the bases covered. Unneeded, as it turned out - Jen and Alex have such a beautiful house, and the light from the window was so perfect, I needed nothing but my camera.


Little Zack (obviously, I really approve of the name choice) was very cooperative! I was expecting him to be more bothered by my camera, but he slept right through every photo and outfit change. It was a really fun experience and definitely something I'd like to do more of!