My Friends are Expecting! by Zack Wussow

My wife has known Faith for over a decade and a half, and I went to school at UConn with Vic, so needless to say, we’re super excited they are expecting their first little nugget!


We met up to do some maternity announcements at Elizabeth Park in West Hartford. By chance we were right in time for Peak Rose™, which meant sharing the park with approximately twenty other photographers. Honestly, though, the roses have never been my favorite part of Elizabeth Park, as pretty as they are. I much prefer the old greenhouse and mixed flowers planted all over the grounds.


We enjoyed the beautiful weather, moseying around the park for a about an hour and hitting all my favorite spots. My wife came along as well and played dog wrangler with Tali, their Goldendoodle when she wasn’t needed for photos.


I’m so excited for their maternity photos this winter and meeting their newest family member early next year!

Winter Elegance by Zack Wussow

Brooke and Joe got referred to me twice - by my step brother and my friend Faith - so while I didn't know the couple well beforehand, this still felt like a friend's wedding.

After 'getting ready' photos at a salon and hotel, I rode with them on the party bus to Elmwood Community Church in West Hartford. It was a beautiful ceremony, short and sweet.

Then back on the party bus for celebratory champagne.

Before the reception, the wedding party and immediate family stopped off for posed photos at Hartford City Hall - a building I confess I'd never seen before Brooke mentioned it to me. It was the perfect idea and the photos look amazing.


From there it was a quick ride on the bus to the G. Fox Building for the reception. It's a beautiful space with a classic style and it photographed really nicely. Having such a beautiful couple doesn't hurt either.


It was a great night, and I'm sure the after party next door was crazy.

Congratulations, Brooke and Joe!

A Friend's Wedding by Zack Wussow

I've been to a lot of weddings (76, actually), but most of those were just for work. Fun, moving, beautiful events, to be sure, but it's a special treat when the couple are people I know and care about personally, and rarer still when many of the guests are friends as well.

Faith and Vic's wedding was one of those really rare treats. They are good friends of mine, good enough that my fiance Heather was Faith's Maid of Honor. 

They make an amazing couple - no joke, they independently wrote practically identical vows - with an amazing sense of humor, apparent both in the details of their wedding decorations....

...and the people they surround themselves with.

Faith and Vic were glowing, something I hear often but I'm not sure I've ever said of someone before. 

It was such a pleasure and really an honor that my friends chose me to photograph their special day. It was a blast of a party filled with awesome people.

And it was a fun excuse to dance with my fiance in fancy clothes.

Oh, and I'm not saying there were lightsaber duels, but...

*totally not photoshopped

*totally not photoshopped

Congratulations, Faith and Vic! Love you guys.

Perfect Together by Zack Wussow

I joked on Facebook before my wedding yesterday that photographing a friend's wedding makes me especially nervous. It's true! Every wedding makes me nervous to some degree - which is good, since it makes me triple check my gear and the schedule - but with friends you also feel a personal pressure to not let them down.

I needn't have worried with Shannon and Andy.

Not only was the wedding beautiful, but they were as laid-back and fun-loving as I've always known them to be. It was a day filled with familiar faces, actually, with a neighbor, a former wedding couple of mine, and a handful of other acquaintances joining in.

The day started off with the girls getting ready at Shannon's parent's house, a fun process with this bunch.

The ceremony was very traditional, in the beautiful Our Lady of Sorrows in West Hartford. 

Then we moved to the Webb-Dean Barn for a lively reception DJ'd by Collins Entertainment. Shannon, Andy, and their friends and family know how to enjoy a party, but it was also marked by touching moments. After they each made a speech about what the other meant to them, the videographer and I were both misty-eyed.

So yes, friend's weddings make me nervous, but that's only half the story. They are also my most satisfying weddings, and the most touching.

Congratulations, you two! I don't know another couple as perfectly suited for each other as you two are.

Marissa and Jan by Zack Wussow

(Finally, the third wedding from my very busy weekend in October.)

It's a fact of the wedding business that you are constantly popping into and out of people's lives. One day you sign a contract, months later you're part of the inner circle for one of their most important days of their lives, and then you're back to being strangers. It's weird.

Which is why it's always such a pleasure to work with people who really are good friends of mine.

Some of my clients will recognize Marissa - she has often worked for me as a second shooter at weddings. We met back in our college days, during long nights toiling in the darkroom.

Over the last couple years, she's caught me up whenever we worked together about her and Jan buying a house in the country, and then pouring themselves into fixing it up. (It helps that Jan is a contractor.) I could tell from the way Marissa talks about Jan that he was something special, but I've never had a chance to meet him until their wedding.

It's clear she's made a good choice.

I can't say how happy it makes me to see my friend so clearly in love with a man who so clearly loves her.

Congratulations, Marissa and Jan!

A Friend's Engagement by Zack Wussow

Yesterday was a busy day in the Wussow household. 

My friends Victor and Faith got engaged recently, and we offered our house to host an engagement party for them.

The day started with a chilly but beautiful engagement shoot at some local parks.

Then lots of planning, prepping, cooking, and finally partying for the rest of the day. As a treat for the couple (and myself, because it's fun) I got out my ring light setup and ran a little photo-booth out of a side room.

I even found someone to take over camera duties so Heather and I could get a couple photos of us.

So happy for Faith and Vic, and can't wait to photograph their wedding next year!