A Friend's Wedding by Zack Wussow

I've been to a lot of weddings (76, actually), but most of those were just for work. Fun, moving, beautiful events, to be sure, but it's a special treat when the couple are people I know and care about personally, and rarer still when many of the guests are friends as well.

Faith and Vic's wedding was one of those really rare treats. They are good friends of mine, good enough that my fiance Heather was Faith's Maid of Honor. 

They make an amazing couple - no joke, they independently wrote practically identical vows - with an amazing sense of humor, apparent both in the details of their wedding decorations....

...and the people they surround themselves with.

Faith and Vic were glowing, something I hear often but I'm not sure I've ever said of someone before. 

It was such a pleasure and really an honor that my friends chose me to photograph their special day. It was a blast of a party filled with awesome people.

And it was a fun excuse to dance with my fiance in fancy clothes.

Oh, and I'm not saying there were lightsaber duels, but...

*totally not photoshopped

*totally not photoshopped

Congratulations, Faith and Vic! Love you guys.