Throwback: Backyard Blowout by Zack Wussow

In retrospect, it's possible that I got a lot of ideas for my own wedding from David and Brian's backyard tent wedding. Certainly the laid-back, intimate atmosphere is just what Heather and I were looking for. (I also just realized this was perhaps the first wedding I worked with Mary Pugh, who was also our Justice of the Peace!)


I also give a big thumbs up to their vest-and-bowtie look. Though unlike them I wimped out and got pre-tied bowties.


The ceremony itself was lovely, short and sweet on a perfect fall day.


The reception, held in a backyard tent, was a ton of fun with great food and lots of good times.


Congratulations Brian and David!

Throwback: The Reverend Gets Hitched by Zack Wussow

Reverend Jon and Greg's wedding was so much fun. I've photographed many church weddings, but few have been quite so overflowing with love from the church community as this one, where everyone turned out to celebrate their reverend.


The ceremony was great -  a friend of theirs performed the service.


The reception was fun and friendly, and I loved some of the details, like their beautiful cake.


Congratulations, Jon and Greg!

P-Town by Zack Wussow

I've been out to Cape Cod for weddings before, but I've never been all out to the very tip - Provincetown. So I was very excited when Ryan and Grant asked me to come out for their waterfront wedding - and even more excited when it worked out that my wife and I could make a trip out of it.


The wedding day began with a beach ceremony at Far Land on the Beach - it was a perfect day for it. My favorite bit - they had a sand ceremony unlike any others I've see, from a company called Unity in Glass. The ceremony is pretty similar to any other, but the sand is then sent to be mixed into a glass vase or sculpture by an experienced glass blower. Check out the site - the end results are beautiful.

The whole ceremony was really touching with hardly a dry eye.


We did posed photos with their guests and of the couple with the ocean providing an excellent backdrop.


The celebration moved up to the snack shack, where there was catered food, tables, and some sweaters and blankets to cut the rising wind.


After dinner, it was time to cut the cake.


Since the sun was sliding beautifully to the horizon, I pulled Ryan and Grant away from the food for a few minutes to do some more photos.


When we got back, their guests had gotten the bonfire going, and one of the kids had made some commemorative sand art.


A really beautiful event and a beautiful day.

As an aside, Provincetown was a ton of fun - beautiful, fun, amazing food, lots to do. So if anyone else is getting married up that way, drop me a line. I'd like the excuse to visit again!

A Perfect Summer's Day by Zack Wussow

Danielle and Corrie's wedding started with prep photos at a local salon for Corrie and at the bridal suite at The Barn at Wight Farm for Danielle.


Then we did a quick first look; I love it when someone cries!


The ceremony was held in a stunning secondary room, and was officiated by one of their friends, which is a touch I always enjoy.


The reception was a fun, casual brunch affair, with good food and great music. 


It was a ton of fun, and when it was time to leave, their guests saw them off with a Bubble Exit. 


Congratulations Danielle and Corrie!

Lovely Lake by Zack Wussow

For Danielle and Corrie's engagement, we decided to meet at Douglas State Forest in Douglas, MA as a convenient midway point. I arrived early to scope things out, and was very relieved to find it's a beautiful park with lots of great spots for photos. And despite it being the first really warm Saturday in spring it wasn't too crowded, either.


The water made for a beautiful backdrop and even allowed for some "studio-ish" images.


Without much walking we got some nice trail shots.


Then, Danielle and Corrie gamely clambered up one of the many big boulders along the lake-shore. It was perfect!


One more quick stop to take advantage of some May flowers...


...and we were done. I headed home to start editing, and Danielle and Corrie set off for a hike. 

Can't wait for the wedding this summer!

Kilts and Rainbows by Zack Wussow

I met Marina and Katie through my wife and have had the chance to get to know them better in the last couple years. I was so honored when they asked me to be their photographer... especially when they had to reschedule the wedding to accommodate my schedule! (Which is crazy but I'm glad they did.)


They had a very DIY wedding at Glen Island Park, with the ceremony tucked into a wooded glen under a castle. A fitting setting to Katie's Scottish family and friends, many of whom made the trip from Scotland to be there. (For the record, Katie is not the one in the kilt.)


The wedding was full of fun little details, most put together by their wonderful friends who arrived in drizzly, gusty weather to set up tents, heat up food, and set up a pride selfie booth.


Glen Island was a beautiful spot for photos, once I could get the guests to stop hugging Marina and Katie long enough for some pictures!


Not all serious photos, though. They've got too much of a sense of humor to be serious all the time.


Instead of cake, they had the biggest most ridiculous donuts I've ever seen (I'm still coming out of the sugar coma) which they smashed in each other's faces, as you do.


I'm usually not too sappy on this blog, even though I am a big softie when it comes to weddings... But with Marina and Katie, I can't resist a little sentimentality. Even in the little bit I've gotten to know them, it's so clear that they are a perfect match, and each other's best friends. If they approach married life with the same partnership and sense of humor as they approached the wedding, I know they will have a long, happy life together. The overwhelming love and support of their family and friends doesn't hurt, either.


Congratulations, Marina and Katie!

Alabama Meets Massachusetts by Zack Wussow

I headed up to Westwood, MA yesterday with my second shooter Jeff to capture Lauren and Amy's wedding.

I knew going in we were going to have a great time - Lauren's bubbly personality and laid back style were definite good signs.

The wedding took place at Amy's parent's beautiful old home, with most of the festivities in a giant tent lovingly decorated and catered by Wicked Catering.

After a short, sweet, and funny ceremony, and a handful of posed photos, we quickly got down to the important things in life: food, drinks, and dancing!

Lauren's family, proud Alabamians, really represented for their home state. I had no idea "Roll Tide!" could be worked into so many popular songs!

All in all, a beautiful and fun day. Congratulations Lauren and Amy!