Newport Engagement by Zack Wussow

I met Amanda and James at the Newport Cliff Walk for their engagement photos. It’s a favorite spot of theirs that they’ve visited often.


In a bit of perfect luck, the very first spot I had them pose for a photo was the exact spot he proposed to her!


The day was chilly but otherwise beautiful, and the Cliff Walk is full of great spots for pictures.


Just before sunset, we made our way over to Beavertail State Park. It’s a perfect spot for evening photos, with the rocky coastline looking west into the sunset.


So perfect, in fact, that almost everyone there had a photographer with them, whether they were doing engagements or family photos.


The day rounded out with a stunning sunset. Beautiful!


Can’t wait to photograph Amanda and James’s wedding next year. It’ll be great!

Lemon Approved by Zack Wussow

Alicia and Dave’s whole wedding took place at Lighthouse Point Park, a venue I’ve been to many times before. The day started with prep at the park, with the couple’s dog Lemon keeping them company.

Alicia and Dave Samples_02.jpg

Then it was time for the first look, which would have been on the beach if not for the crazy wind blowing in off the water. No problem - the carousel made a great backdrop too.

Alicia and Dave Samples_03.jpg

There was time for a couple posed photos before the ceremony.

Alicia and Dave Samples_04.jpg

Then it was time for the ceremony. Thankfully the wind had come down enough to let the ceremony be held outside.

Alicia and Dave Samples_06.jpg

The timing worked out perfectly to then do some posed photos with the sunset, which was one of the most stunning I’ve seen from this venue.

Alicia and Dave Samples_07.jpg

After introductions, it was time for speeches and dinner.

Alicia and Dave Samples_08.jpg
Alicia and Dave Samples_10.jpg

Then Alicia and Dave shared their first dance.

Alicia and Dave Samples_11.jpg

The bouquet toss rounded out the formal events.

Alicia and Dave Samples_15.jpg

The rest of the night was given over to dancing, and it was a blast! The bridesmaids really held down the floor, especially the maid of honor who was amazing.

Alicia and Dave Samples_17.jpg
Alicia and Dave Samples_14.jpg

It was a really fun night with a great group of people!

Alicia and Dave Samples_12.jpg

Congratulations, Alicia and Dave!

Welcome to the Navy! by Zack Wussow

Emily and Trevor were a dream to work with - photogenic, friendly, and willing to be a little goofy. 


The whole day was spent at Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven, beginning with hair and makeup with Emily, her bridesmaids, and the mothers. Emily's look was stunning - simple and elegant.


Once she was ready, it was out to the beach where Trevor was waiting in his Navy service dress whites. He was all jokes until he got to see his future wife!


Before the ceremony, we took a bunch of posed photos-- mostly serious ones, but my favorites are more silly.


The ceremony was held on the beach, in front of an arbor decorated by Emily's mom. The day could not have been more perfect; a relief after a recent string of rainy weddings I've done.


Before they could enter the cocktail hour, it was time for a navy tradition - the sword arch.


The reception kicked off with their first dance and speeches from their parents.


Just before dinner, I pulled Emily and Trevor outside to take advantage of the sunset. The timing and the backdrop were perfect!


After dinner, it was time to cut the cake - easy enough when you're using a saber bigger than the cake itself.


Then it was time to get out on the dance floor. The band, Those Guys, did an amazing job getting everyone moving. Oh, and the navy men switched their formal uniforms for some pretty interesting hawaiian shirts.


Which brought us to the end of the night and the sparkler exit. Things got a little discombobulated, but it all worked out in the end!


Congratulations, Emily and Trevor!

P-Town by Zack Wussow

I've been out to Cape Cod for weddings before, but I've never been all out to the very tip - Provincetown. So I was very excited when Ryan and Grant asked me to come out for their waterfront wedding - and even more excited when it worked out that my wife and I could make a trip out of it.


The wedding day began with a beach ceremony at Far Land on the Beach - it was a perfect day for it. My favorite bit - they had a sand ceremony unlike any others I've see, from a company called Unity in Glass. The ceremony is pretty similar to any other, but the sand is then sent to be mixed into a glass vase or sculpture by an experienced glass blower. Check out the site - the end results are beautiful.

The whole ceremony was really touching with hardly a dry eye.


We did posed photos with their guests and of the couple with the ocean providing an excellent backdrop.


The celebration moved up to the snack shack, where there was catered food, tables, and some sweaters and blankets to cut the rising wind.


After dinner, it was time to cut the cake.


Since the sun was sliding beautifully to the horizon, I pulled Ryan and Grant away from the food for a few minutes to do some more photos.


When we got back, their guests had gotten the bonfire going, and one of the kids had made some commemorative sand art.


A really beautiful event and a beautiful day.

As an aside, Provincetown was a ton of fun - beautiful, fun, amazing food, lots to do. So if anyone else is getting married up that way, drop me a line. I'd like the excuse to visit again!

By The Sea by Zack Wussow

I've worked at Lighthouse Point, and I've worked several times at Anthony's, but I'd never worked at Amarante's right between the two until Amanda and Craig's wedding. It's a beautiful venue - unfortunately the rain kept us from taking full advantage of the lawn, but we made due.


That said, the rain did nothing to diminish the celebration. After a short indoor ceremony, the cocktail hour kicked off with live music and wonderful food.


Actually, the food was a really interesting point. Amanda had told me in advance that there was no formal sit-down dinner, just a "cocktail service". I didn't know what to expect, but figured it would be like a usual cocktail hour - a handful of snacks passed around by waiters. Well, there was that - but also constantly refilled stations with hot sandwiches, finger food, and later desserts. It was some of the best and most fun food I've had at a wedding.


After the first dance, there were a handful of touching speeches from friends and family.


Later they cut their beautiful cake. (By the way, thanks to the maître d' for making sure to get me a piece of cake - it was really good.)


Through the whole night the band kept people on the floor with wonderful music, and everyone had a great time.


Congratulations Amanda and Craig!

Palm Trees in Connecticut by Zack Wussow

When I posted a quick instagram photo from Kristen and James's wedding, a bunch of my friends thought I'd flown down south for a destination wedding!


Actually, it was just at the lovely Anthony's Ocean View in New Haven, a perfect spot for this beachy, fun wedding.


The weather was perfect as they said their vows next to the water, and there was tons of amazing food and drinks during cocktail hour and dinner.


There were speeches from friends, parent dances, and lots of great music to keep people out on the dance floor all night.


Congratulations, Kristen and James!


From Texas With Love by Zack Wussow

Kara and Max were one of my rare couples that I don't meet before the wedding day, on account of them living in Texas.  No trouble, though. We all met up at Lighthouse Point Park for the big day.

Unfortunately, the weather was a little rainy, pretty cold, and very, very windy, so the planned beach wedding had to be switched for an indoor ceremony. It ended up being an amazing backdrop, though, and the ceremony was great.

Kara and Max are made of stern stuff, so they were up for a quick trip outside to grab a few photos on the beach. If nature wants to give you drama, you might as well make use of it!

The rest of the night was a great party with excellent food, live music, and rides on a carousel.

Plus late-night popcorn, which gave me the chance to catch this picture that makes me giggle.

Congratulations, Kara and Max!

A UConn Love Story by Zack Wussow

Last fall I did engagement photos for some fellow UConn alumni out on Horsebarn Hill. They must have liked those photos, because they had me come for their wedding too!

I met up with Anastasia and her bridesmaids yesterday at the hotel as Veronica put the finishing touches on their beautiful hair and makeup.

Across town, my second shooter was playing with their pup, Buckley, and catching the guys getting ready.

I went with the girls to West Wharf Beach in Madison for some posed photos...

...where I caught this amazing photo of her little brother. Sometimes things just work.

For the ceremony and reception we made our way to the Guilford Yacht Club. We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather for their short, beautiful ceremony on the south lawn.

The reception was a blast - good food, good music, a great crowd. Anastasia and Pearse's families are both amazingly fun and friendly.

I stayed through the end of the night for a special sendoff.

Altogether an amazing night - I expected nothing else from these two.

Congratulations, Anastasia and Pearse!