By The Sea / by Zack Wussow

I've worked at Lighthouse Point, and I've worked several times at Anthony's, but I'd never worked at Amarante's right between the two until Amanda and Craig's wedding. It's a beautiful venue - unfortunately the rain kept us from taking full advantage of the lawn, but we made due.


That said, the rain did nothing to diminish the celebration. After a short indoor ceremony, the cocktail hour kicked off with live music and wonderful food.


Actually, the food was a really interesting point. Amanda had told me in advance that there was no formal sit-down dinner, just a "cocktail service". I didn't know what to expect, but figured it would be like a usual cocktail hour - a handful of snacks passed around by waiters. Well, there was that - but also constantly refilled stations with hot sandwiches, finger food, and later desserts. It was some of the best and most fun food I've had at a wedding.


After the first dance, there were a handful of touching speeches from friends and family.


Later they cut their beautiful cake. (By the way, thanks to the maître d' for making sure to get me a piece of cake - it was really good.)


Through the whole night the band kept people on the floor with wonderful music, and everyone had a great time.


Congratulations Amanda and Craig!