Second Shooting for the Rat Pack by Zack Wussow

I pretty rarely assist other photographers, but it's also a lot of fun when I do, getting to see the wedding from the groom's side. It helps when, as with Mark and Olivia's wedding near Boston, the guys are funny and excited about looking dapper.

I was working with Melissa Nicastro, covering the guy's prep and the ceremony. Which, awesomely, meant I got to catch the guys doing their best Reservoir Dogs impression.

The church was beautiful. We got some great pictures of the couple not quite meeting before the ceremony.

And then, maybe the best part of the day... After photographing 74 weddings, I finally had a couple get pelted with rice. Which is as awesome as it looks in the movies.

(NB: Rice has fallen out of fashion because it may be unsafe for birds who eat the dry rice. Whether for cleanliness or concern for wildlife, the couple's uncles swept up all the rice.)

As nice as it was to get a half-day at work, I was sad I wasn't going along to the reception. I'm sure it was a beautiful and fun celebration. Regardless, it was great working with Melissa, and I wish all the best to Olivia and Mark!

Alabama Meets Massachusetts by Zack Wussow

I headed up to Westwood, MA yesterday with my second shooter Jeff to capture Lauren and Amy's wedding.

I knew going in we were going to have a great time - Lauren's bubbly personality and laid back style were definite good signs.

The wedding took place at Amy's parent's beautiful old home, with most of the festivities in a giant tent lovingly decorated and catered by Wicked Catering.

After a short, sweet, and funny ceremony, and a handful of posed photos, we quickly got down to the important things in life: food, drinks, and dancing!

Lauren's family, proud Alabamians, really represented for their home state. I had no idea "Roll Tide!" could be worked into so many popular songs!

All in all, a beautiful and fun day. Congratulations Lauren and Amy!

Sunny Season at the Tradition by Zack Wussow

(I'll be traveling through the 19th - for now, here's a post about the second of three weddings from a very busy weekend in October.)

I met Tricia and Andrew at the Seasons at the Tradition for their early-October wedding. After a rainy wedding the day before, I was excited to have bright sun, green grass, and a hint of fall color in the trees.


Tricia was dealing with a painful injury from the night before, but she was such a champ! I would never had guessed if someone hadn't told me, and she didn't let it stop her from having a blast.

In contrast to my wedding the day before, this time we had the full suite of special events - fitting at a venue called "the Tradition". Cake cutting, parent dances, bouquet and garter toss. 

Still plenty of time for dancing, though, of course. There is always time for dancing!

(Also, one side note: It's a very strange feeling to be really moved by a song I've never heard at a wedding, only to learn it's by Adam Sandler...)

Congrats, Tricia and Andrew!

Being a Second Shooter by Zack Wussow

Last Saturday (July 11th, 2015) I was second shooter for a wedding with The Terrible Child Photography.

Before that, my last time second shooting for another photographer was July 21st... 2012.

So it's been a while.

I can't lie, it was weird.

It was weird photographing the guys during prep. It was weird photographing cocktail hour. Most of all, it was weird having to constantly remind myself, "That's not your job, that's Mike's job, just focus on your job!" I've gotten used to everything being my job, or at least my responsibility, apparently.

All that said, it was a lot of fun and a beautiful wedding at the Candlewood Inn. Plus, I got to leave a bit early, which is a nice perk.

Still, I'm looking forward to being in charge of myself this coming weekend.