Second Shooting for the Rat Pack / by Zack Wussow

I pretty rarely assist other photographers, but it's also a lot of fun when I do, getting to see the wedding from the groom's side. It helps when, as with Mark and Olivia's wedding near Boston, the guys are funny and excited about looking dapper.

I was working with Melissa Nicastro, covering the guy's prep and the ceremony. Which, awesomely, meant I got to catch the guys doing their best Reservoir Dogs impression.

The church was beautiful. We got some great pictures of the couple not quite meeting before the ceremony.

And then, maybe the best part of the day... After photographing 74 weddings, I finally had a couple get pelted with rice. Which is as awesome as it looks in the movies.

(NB: Rice has fallen out of fashion because it may be unsafe for birds who eat the dry rice. Whether for cleanliness or concern for wildlife, the couple's uncles swept up all the rice.)

As nice as it was to get a half-day at work, I was sad I wasn't going along to the reception. I'm sure it was a beautiful and fun celebration. Regardless, it was great working with Melissa, and I wish all the best to Olivia and Mark!