Sunny Season at the Tradition / by Zack Wussow

(I'll be traveling through the 19th - for now, here's a post about the second of three weddings from a very busy weekend in October.)

I met Tricia and Andrew at the Seasons at the Tradition for their early-October wedding. After a rainy wedding the day before, I was excited to have bright sun, green grass, and a hint of fall color in the trees.


Tricia was dealing with a painful injury from the night before, but she was such a champ! I would never had guessed if someone hadn't told me, and she didn't let it stop her from having a blast.

In contrast to my wedding the day before, this time we had the full suite of special events - fitting at a venue called "the Tradition". Cake cutting, parent dances, bouquet and garter toss. 

Still plenty of time for dancing, though, of course. There is always time for dancing!

(Also, one side note: It's a very strange feeling to be really moved by a song I've never heard at a wedding, only to learn it's by Adam Sandler...)

Congrats, Tricia and Andrew!