Kilts and Rainbows / by Zack Wussow

I met Marina and Katie through my wife and have had the chance to get to know them better in the last couple years. I was so honored when they asked me to be their photographer... especially when they had to reschedule the wedding to accommodate my schedule! (Which is crazy but I'm glad they did.)


They had a very DIY wedding at Glen Island Park, with the ceremony tucked into a wooded glen under a castle. A fitting setting to Katie's Scottish family and friends, many of whom made the trip from Scotland to be there. (For the record, Katie is not the one in the kilt.)


The wedding was full of fun little details, most put together by their wonderful friends who arrived in drizzly, gusty weather to set up tents, heat up food, and set up a pride selfie booth.


Glen Island was a beautiful spot for photos, once I could get the guests to stop hugging Marina and Katie long enough for some pictures!


Not all serious photos, though. They've got too much of a sense of humor to be serious all the time.


Instead of cake, they had the biggest most ridiculous donuts I've ever seen (I'm still coming out of the sugar coma) which they smashed in each other's faces, as you do.


I'm usually not too sappy on this blog, even though I am a big softie when it comes to weddings... But with Marina and Katie, I can't resist a little sentimentality. Even in the little bit I've gotten to know them, it's so clear that they are a perfect match, and each other's best friends. If they approach married life with the same partnership and sense of humor as they approached the wedding, I know they will have a long, happy life together. The overwhelming love and support of their family and friends doesn't hurt, either.


Congratulations, Marina and Katie!