Halfway There / by Zack Wussow

Well, this past week has taken me through the halfway point in my yearbook photo season. The toughest, most-travel intense weeks are now behind me. (As is, hopefully, my second and last cold of the season. What can you do? Little kids love to cough on strangers.)

It's a stressful couple months, where I never have enough time to  edit my own work or see my friends and family. But it's also a lot of fun, and I get to travel a lot and spend a lot of time outside during the last beautiful days of the summer/first beautiful days of fall. (Seriously, I don't tan all summer, but by October 1st I'm rocking that farmers tan.)

This week I'll be heading to New York City and Massachusetts on a short, three day week... and then I have a day off to prepare for a properly intense three-wedding weekend. Thankfully the second and third weddings are short and very short, respectively. Still, busy busy!

I've seen a picture floating around Facebook lately that says "October is for photographers what April is for tax experts." Truer words are rarely spoken.

Back to work!