Yearbook Season / by Zack Wussow

Just a quick update from the road.

I spend my autumns, besides shooting beautiful fall weddings and events, working for a New England yearbook company. It's loads of fun, I get to travel a lot and work with loads of great photographers (some of whom become my trusty wedding second shooters), and take lots of photos that I don't have to edit, which is always a treat.

Sadly, I can't show you any of the really fun photos I'm taking, because sharing pictures of other people's kids is creepy. (Also, they belong to the company I work for.)

But I thought I'd leave a little note here, to explain why I am so crazy busy in September and October. I make every effort to still respond to emails ASAP (usually successful) and to keep up my rapid editing turnaround (less successful - this season is why my contract says editing may take "four to six weeks"), but sometimes yearbook season will get the best of me.

Anyway, take care all, and happy back to school!