Do What Makes You Happy / by Zack Wussow

Nicole and Joe held their wedding at the North House in Avon. I met the girls there, while my second shooter Jeff met them across the street.

Nicole threw everyone for a curve when she changed her dress at the last minute, deciding to wear her evening "party" dress for the ceremony too. It was a great choice - she looked absolutely stunning!

We got incredibly lucky with the weather - after two weeks of cold, wet weather, their day was perfect. The ceremony was held out on the patio, with lovely fall foliage as a backdrop.

I couldn't help but use the natural beauty for their ring photo as well.

Inside, we had the usual compliment of first dances, speeches, delicious food (and a stunning Venetian table that gave me a stomach-ache...), and family and friends enjoy their time together.

Oh, and dancing, obviously. Always dancing.

Congratulations Nicole and Joe!