The Goth Bride / by Zack Wussow

I've previously talked about my friends Skoobah and Nate when I did their unique engagement shoot for them last fall. I was super excited when Skoobah's mom, Judy, asked if I would photograph her bridal shower as a surprise. I even managed to catch the moment Skoobah realized who was standing behind the big camera lens. 


I was also really excited to see that Judy totally bought in to her daughter's preferences where it comes to theme. There was no shortage of skulls, candles, and other gothy, steampunky details. 


Also: no shortage of amazing, homemade desserts. I got to take home a doggy bag of treats which, for the record, is a very good way to tip me.


After a lovely dinner, Skoobah opened her gifts while her guests played bridal shower bingo.


A couple of her bridesmaids did something very cool that was new to me - using pieces of wrapping from the gifts, they made her a bouquet. Very cool.


Finally, Skoobah and her bridesmaids goofed off in front of the very impressive homemade photo booth backdrop. Odds are good this backdrop will be back for the wedding day.


Just a couple of months to the wedding! Can't wait, because I know it's going to be something really special.