Under the Sea by Zack Wussow

Crystal works with my wife, so I was already excited to photograph her and Jared's wedding, but I got a million times more excited when she told me the wedding was at Mystic Aquarium.


It was a beautiful day, only diminished a little by falling in the middle of an oppressive heat wave. The setting, though, more than made up for it. The ceremony was held outside, in front of the beluga tank. Juno oversaw the ceremony, providing a one of a kind backdrop.


Following the ceremony, we were able to do group photos in the same spot and a handful of couples photos around the grounds. 


I also grabbed a quick photo of the locals.


The reception was held inside the main gallery, a challenging room for photos but an amazing place for a party. The room was beautifully set up and surrounded by stunning displays.


It was a fabulous night and a ton of fun, especially so for me because my wife and many of her friends were guests. 


Congratulations, Crystal and Jared!