An Engagement to Remember by Zack Wussow

When Kashika and Ashish contacted me, they were very clear that it wouldn't be a traditional wedding - it was an engagement party for their American friends and family before going to India for the real wedding. I didn't mind - it was still an amazing day.


The day began with some hair and make-up, and then photos of the couple.


After a cocktail hour, they had the most energetic introductions I've ever seen, led in with a live drummer and the whole wedding party backing them up.


After cutting their cake, the couple and a bunch of their friends put on Bollywood style choreographed dances. 


Between the music, the moves, and the ladies' beautiful outfits (the guy's looked good too), it was really something else.


It only got better from there - this was a dancing crowd for sure!


Before I headed out, we got a few more photos of the couple...


...and then I wished them well on their trip to India! Congratulations, Kashika, and Ashish!