An Officer and His Love by Zack Wussow

Kerry and Joe's wedding was on a beautiful, if hot, Saturday in the scenic west-Connecticut town of Washington. 

The first thing I noticed, obviously, was Joe's stunning uniform which, if my sleuthing is right, marks him as an Army Colonel. (Anyone who actually knows something about it, please correct me if I'm wrong.) It was clear that the military had played a major role in Joe's life, both indirectly leading him to meet Kerry, and as a family tradition - half his kids have followed his lead.

Family was a major theme of their laid-back reception - they both bring grown children to their new marriage, and jokingly refer to themselves as "the Brady Bunch". Their families were big, friendly, and boisterous, and the reception was a ton of fun. 

It was a real pleasure spending a summer afternoon with these two, and I wish them all the best.

Congratulations, Kerry and Joe!