Husky Weekend by Zack Wussow

This time of year, I cover a handful of events for my alma mater, UConn, specifically the School of Business. Unlike most of my work, I can't share that many photos from the events, but I always make sure to get a few more artistic photos.

The first was the UConn Risk Management Conference in Stamford. 

It's no coincidence that this time of year I often start double checking my insurance policies, and buying extra backup batteries...

The second was the EMBA graduation, at the beautiful Society Room in Hartford. I love any excuse to work in this gorgeous old building.

It's also a lot of fun, because I have been working with the EMBA program long enough that I took headshots for these graduates back when they showed up for the first day of class two years ago. 

Is it weird to say I enjoy watching them grow up when they're all older than me? Maybe, but it's still fun.

Hey, Those Look Familiar! by Zack Wussow

March is ending in it's typical yearly lull. No complaints, it gave my fiance and I a chance to get out of town for a few days.

Pictured: not the Brooklyn Bridge

Pictured: not the Brooklyn Bridge

We visited some friends, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and we spent a day at the Museum of Natural History.

Pictured: Danger Turkeys!

Pictured: Danger Turkeys!

April is shaping up to be busy, though! Mostly events for UConn plus a Bar Mitzvah and possibly a last-minute trip.

It was while preparing for one of the UConn events that I had a strange feeling of deja vu. The photos on the event page seemed familiar... because they're mine from last year's event! Always a pleasure to see my work getting used.

An Engagement at Horsebarn Hill by Zack Wussow

I was excited to work with Anastasia and Pearse before I ever met them. They're fellow UConn alumni, and live just across town from me.

We met just before sunset at Horsebarn Hill, a landmark well known to anyone's who's spent time at UConn. They brought along their nine-month old Scottie "Buckley", named for the UConn dorm where they met.

I can't wait to shoot their wedding next August. If they make this beautiful a couple on a random Sunday, I can't wait to see them on their wedding day!