Watching the Weather by Zack Wussow

It's pretty unfair, because there were a hundred amazing details at Shannon and Kevin's wedding, but the one that is going to stick with me is watching the up-to-the-minute weather radar. All through the prep...


...and through the first look and group photos...


...we were all huddling around our phones, watching the clouds sweep over Avon and crossing our fingers. In the end, it worked out! The weather cleared just enough at the right time that they could get married in the open air.


From there, the rest of the night was a blast. Four wonderful speeches, a touching first dance, and lots of great food and music to last the night.


It was a really amazing night!

I suppose there was one other detail that really sticks out. All night a cheery little gnome kept popping up. I never did get the full story behind that...


Congratulations, Shannon and Kevin!