A Bittersweet Celebration by Zack Wussow

I can't say Nancy and Jeff's wedding went off without a hitch - suffice it to say it was not a universally happy day. However, thanks to the resilience of the couple and their guests, and some heroic work by their maid of honor (and fill-in best man), it was still an incredible, intimate day.

I don't often get into the details of a couple's backstory, but I'll make an exception here. Nancy and Jeff dated in high school, but went their own ways, had families of their own, and only reconnected recently, decades later, through Facebook.

It's clear that they are deeply in love, and take the "in good times and bad" very seriously.

This is my last wedding of the year, and number 70 in my career (but more on that soon). I'm so glad I got to wrap up my year with this amazing couple.