Four Years (and a New Website) by Zack Wussow

On June 14th, 2011, I walked into the Town Clerk's office and filed my Certificate of Adoption of Trade Name. With that, Zack Wussow Media became a reality. Since then, I've photographed fifty-nine weddings: Big, elaborate affairs and private elopements, first marriages and vow renewals, young couples and old, gay and straight. 

Honestly, I didn't expect Zack Wussow Media to be a day job. I formalized my business because I had the chance to photograph a couple weddings and needed to be able to report the income to the IRS.

I quickly changed my mind, though.


I've always loved photographing people. My last two years of college were filled with studio portrait projects and figure drawing classes. I carried my camera with me as much as possible to photograph my friends and family.

This is what sold me on weddings. They're full of people, dressed to the nines, excited and happy, and best of all they go into it expecting to be photographed. For anyone who enjoys candid photography, weddings are as perfect a venue as possible.

But, of course, merely liking something does not make it a successful business. It takes hard work, skill, a bit of luck, and, maybe more-so in weddings than most other professions, great customers. The last one, especially makes me happy; I love it every time someone comes to me on a referral from a previous customer.

In those four years, a lot else has happened: I ran a Tough Mudder, moved in with my girlfriend, filmed a few music videos. All along, Zack Wussow Media has grown and changed.

I felt like it deserved a (belated) birthday present.

So enjoy the new site. And the photos. And the blog. 

Lets see where the next four years takes us!