Engagement Audible / by Zack Wussow

Yesterday was shaping up to be a perfect engagement shoot. The weather was sunny and surprisingly warm for mid-November. Everyone was on time and looking sharp. 

Then we got to the park we'd selected, and found the entrances barred and locked.

Take a breath - these things happen - and call an audible.

Luckily, I knew of another park just down the road that was not quite as large or interesting but had the advantage of being open.

Jillian and Kevin rolled with the change, and we were able to grab a ton of great pictures. It helped that they are obviously, ridiculously in love. Makes my job easier.

Indeed the only trouble we had came from some local wildlife who really, really wanted to participate in the shoot.

I'm excited to work with them next year on their wedding. I know they're going to be amazing.