A Weekend Worth Waiting For / by Zack Wussow

I've been... busy. Weddings, yearbook photos, meetings, calls. I was out of town, living from my suitcase for the entire week before Trish and Ryan's wedding. I even got myself a hotel room the night before the wedding, to save a couple hours driving. 

So I hope you'll understand if I say I went in with a workmanlike, nose-to-the-grindstone attitude. Show up, do my job, go home. Sometimes that's how it goes.

That attitude lasted about ten minutes with the girls. Grooving to Beyoncé, cracking jokes - Trish had to be told, repeatedly, by her make-up artist to quit smiling so much.

Ten minutes in and this wedding wasn't work, it was a vacation.

"Quit smiling so much" was the refrain of the day. Trish and Ryan are one of those electric couples who can't seem to be in the same room without smiling. All through their ceremony I couldn't escape the feeling that they were alone up there in a world of their own.

Following the ceremony, we headed to the New Haven Lawn Club for posed photos and the reception.

As you'd expect, posed photos were a lot of fun, especially when it got down to just the couple, the videographer, and myself. Trish and Ryan didn't need a lot of encouragement to try fun stuff, and the Lawn Club made for a beautiful backdrop.

The reception was a blast - a cocktail hour full of good drinks and good food (those scallops!), and a reception that was low on formal events but full of amazing music from the live funk band, energetic dancing, and donuts and late-night sliders.

It was an amazing day, where everything seemed to come together just perfectly. 

Congratulations, Trish and Ryan! It was such a pleasure getting to work with you two.