The Elm City Wedding / by Zack Wussow

I was really excited for Cherie and Matt's wedding because it was something I don't get to do a lot of in Connecticut - a real city wedding. Everything took place within a few blocks in downtown New Haven, and we all walked everywhere. Thankfully, we were blessed with good weather!


The day began at Omni Hotel, a lovely place I've been to before, for hair and makeup. I visited the guys, too, who were a bit disappointed with the finale to the Chelsea/Liverpool game but otherwise in good spirits.


From there, we went to Temple Plaza for first look photos and to the New Haven Green and the Yale Quad for some posed pictures.


The ceremony was held at Battell Chapel at Yale, a beautiful (and huge!) space.


The rest of the evening was spent at Union League Cafe, a beautiful old building just a short, attention-attracting walk down the block.


There was the usual assortment of introductions, toasts, and a first dance, all held at a relatively sedate pace as people enjoyed their delicious dinners.


And then, like flicking a switch, this crowd launched into party mode and rocked the dance floor. It was so much fun!


Congratulations, Cherie and Matt!