Elm City Wedding by Zack Wussow

The plan for Jen and Ryan's wedding called for bouncing back and forth between a bunch of New Haven locations, so it was amazing that we got a day with perfect weather for stretching our legs.

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The day began at Rimage Salon, where Jen and her bridesmaids got their hair and makeup done, while the couple's pup Charlie kept everyone laughing.

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Our next stop was the Omni Hotel, a perennial hot-spot for wedding stays. No joke, I've done three weddings in New Haven proper, and they all got ready in the same suite!

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Before heading to the ceremony, the guys and the girls stopped in the lobby to do some cool group photos. I love the all-black look - very classy.

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The intimate ceremony was held in St. Thomas More Chapel. Not only was it a beautiful service led by Rev. Karl Davis, but this is easily the most photo-friendly church I've worked in. Bright and beautiful!

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It was a short walk from there to the Old Campus Courtyard for some posed photos. Walking through downtown is a good way to get lots of supportive honks and hollers! 

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We also came across a squirrel sneaking off with a chicken tender, in case you thought Yale's campus was totally unlike all other universities.

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One last short walk brought us to the Graduate Club, a beautiful, cozy venue where we would spend the rest of the night.

(Their first date was at a Wendy's, so they did a quick re-enactment!)

(Their first date was at a Wendy's, so they did a quick re-enactment!)

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The live band was great, got everyone out on the dance floor, and they even backed Ryan as he sang a song for his new wife. He did great!

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Before the end of the night, I got them outside for one last portrait, and borrowed their beautiful rings for a photo.

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It was a totally amazing night with an amazing couple. Ryan and Jen looked stunning, and they, their friends, and family were so friendly and gracious!

Congratulations, Jen and Ryan!

Beating the Rain by Zack Wussow

I woke up the morning of Megan and Chris's wedding to pouring rain. It wasn't the worst case scenario - the ceremony and reception were already inside, but it was going to put the kibosh on their first look, posed photos, and sparkler exit. It put a real damper on the prep, but then something amazing happened - against all weather forecasts, the rain stopped, and just... never started again.

We reverted the plan back to a first look at Hubbard Park, a beautiful setting for a really touching moment.


The rest of the day was held at the Aqua Turf Club, a sprawling, beautiful, busy venue. The ceremony was held in the gorgeous (and thankfully air conditioned) Chapel in the Pines.


After a few posed photos in a shady spot, Megan surprised Chris by changing into a second wedding dress before their introduction and beautifully choreographed first dance - dry-ice fog included!


The reception was a blast, with wonderful little moments interspersed in the energetic dancing.


Around 9:30, before too many guests made their exit, they held a "sparkler send-off" (though the party was nowhere near over), and it was one of the most photogenic I've ever seen.


While I had them outside, we took a couple night shots around the grounds.


Then they headed back inside to enjoy the rest of their night, and after a few final photos, I headed home.


One funny behind-the-scenes detail - we realized I had previously worked with the officiant, Mary Coburn, and the DJ, Geoff from Local Motion, before. Not the biggest surprise there. What was amazing is that we all had worked the same wedding, years ago, and now ended up together again on this totally unrelated wedding. What a coincidence!


Congratulations, Megan and Chris!

The Elm City Wedding by Zack Wussow

I was really excited for Cherie and Matt's wedding because it was something I don't get to do a lot of in Connecticut - a real city wedding. Everything took place within a few blocks in downtown New Haven, and we all walked everywhere. Thankfully, we were blessed with good weather!


The day began at Omni Hotel, a lovely place I've been to before, for hair and makeup. I visited the guys, too, who were a bit disappointed with the finale to the Chelsea/Liverpool game but otherwise in good spirits.


From there, we went to Temple Plaza for first look photos and to the New Haven Green and the Yale Quad for some posed pictures.


The ceremony was held at Battell Chapel at Yale, a beautiful (and huge!) space.


The rest of the evening was spent at Union League Cafe, a beautiful old building just a short, attention-attracting walk down the block.


There was the usual assortment of introductions, toasts, and a first dance, all held at a relatively sedate pace as people enjoyed their delicious dinners.


And then, like flicking a switch, this crowd launched into party mode and rocked the dance floor. It was so much fun!


Congratulations, Cherie and Matt!

Dancing in the Dark by Zack Wussow

I knew going in that John and Eileen's wedding would be technically challenging. Clark Chapel at the Pomfret School is beautiful, but no one would ever accuse it of having too many windows. Likewise, their reception was at Bullard Tavern in Old Sturbridge Village. Again, beautiful location, but the 1830's were not known for their bright electric lights.

But technical challenges just need a technical solution, and we came prepared with loads more lighting equipment than usual. (Indeed, more than we ended up needing - apparently the 1830's were fairly well lit.) With a little help from my second shooter Margit in holding and positioning lights, we were able to capture everything we wanted.

Sturbridge Village was especially a treat - I'm pretty sure I haven't been there since a field trip in the fifth grade. Getting to walk around and take some photos in the empty park was a lot of fun.

Bullard Tavern has an interesting layout for weddings, with separate dining and dancing rooms. I like it - two intimate and very different locations for the price of one.

I can't wait to edit the rest of these images, and I expect I'll be bringing more lights to future shoots as well, no matter what century they're in.