Progress Report by Zack Wussow

I'm in a somewhat unusual career. 

I know that I've developed and become a better photographer as my experience has grown, but it's hard to... Prove it? Every wedding is different, every venue is different, so it's hard to look at old photos and new photos and know what change is me, and what change is circumstantial.

Which is why I love the events I photograph for UConn every spring. Not only are they often in the same venue year after year, but quite often the same people speak, wearing the same regalia. It's a rare chance to compare apples to apples.

I especially wanted to compare this year because I made a substantial change, switching from ambient light/bounce flash to using a remotely-triggered flash on a stand. It's not a huge change, but I feel like it makes a real difference. 

Just a little something I thought was interesting! Next week more adorable couples, or possibly a baby.

Dancing in the Dark by Zack Wussow

I knew going in that John and Eileen's wedding would be technically challenging. Clark Chapel at the Pomfret School is beautiful, but no one would ever accuse it of having too many windows. Likewise, their reception was at Bullard Tavern in Old Sturbridge Village. Again, beautiful location, but the 1830's were not known for their bright electric lights.

But technical challenges just need a technical solution, and we came prepared with loads more lighting equipment than usual. (Indeed, more than we ended up needing - apparently the 1830's were fairly well lit.) With a little help from my second shooter Margit in holding and positioning lights, we were able to capture everything we wanted.

Sturbridge Village was especially a treat - I'm pretty sure I haven't been there since a field trip in the fifth grade. Getting to walk around and take some photos in the empty park was a lot of fun.

Bullard Tavern has an interesting layout for weddings, with separate dining and dancing rooms. I like it - two intimate and very different locations for the price of one.

I can't wait to edit the rest of these images, and I expect I'll be bringing more lights to future shoots as well, no matter what century they're in.