Let it Pour by Zack Wussow

The only bad thing about Britt and Tom’s wedding was the rain - torrential, flooding rain. But you know what? Who cares.


The day started with hair and make-up for the girls, who were in such a good mood when I arrived I knew it would be a fun night right away.


The rest of the day was at Farmington Gardens, starting with the ceremony in their greenhouse. Technically it’s the “back-up location” but it’s simply stunning.


After a fun cocktail hour, it was time for introductions and their first dance.


Then lovely speeches from the Maid of Honor and Best Man.


Britt and Tom had a lot of fun with their cake cutting, and then kicked off the dancing - the high point of which was some amazing Irish step dancing from their cousins. So cool!


Lots more spirited dancing took us late into the night. What an amazingly fun wedding to kick off my spring season!


Congratulations, Britt and Tom!

Doubleheader Pt. I - In The Lodge by Zack Wussow

When I met Jillian for her prep photos Friday morning, one thing was on everyone's mind: the weather. Thickly overcast, it had been threatening rain all morning and looked likely to get worse.

You'd have been hard pressed to tell, though - the girls were having a ball.

We made it to the Lodge at Maneeley's in time to mostly beat the rain, but there was no doubt about it - we'd have to be inside. It was the backup plan but it worked out beautifully.

Right after the ceremony, we got a well-timed little break in the rain so we could sneak out for quick posed photos...

...assisted by a golf cart ride.

The reception was amazing: loads of music, dancing, and great food.

And we rounded off the night with a stunning photo in the rain. Sometimes things just work out.

Congratulations, Jillian and Kevin!

(I had a busy weekend - this is part 1 of 2. You can see the other part here. Or, you can check out their engagement, which also required some last minute improvisation.)