Married at the Mansion by Zack Wussow

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I caught up with Rachel and Robert at Tarrywile Mansion where they were getting dressed in the beautiful bridal suites. Tarrywile is one of the most unusual venues I've worked with, but also one of my favorites. It looked great decked out with cuban-inspired decorations to honor Rachel's heritage.

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They had their first look on the main staircase, and then we went and did a bunch of couples and family photos.

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Their ceremony was held on the wide porch, with a beautiful view of the grounds behind.

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The party then moved inside for cocktail hour. The caterer's Cubano sandwiches were so good! Though I will admit I am a sucker for any food in bite-size pieces delivered by waiters.

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They had their first dance on Tarrywile's unusual dance floor - essentially the main hallway. Robert joked that it was his first time dancing ever. At least, I think he was joking...

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After a toast, dinner, and the cake cutting...

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...it was time to open the dance floor. It took a little while to get going - not uncommon with a smaller crowd - but DJ Ian dialed in the music and people packed the dance floor.

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I made sure we snuck out for a few more quick couples photos - Tarrywile has some excellent spots for nighttime portraits.

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I stayed to the end of the night. It might have been the wonderful atmosphere, the wonderful company, or maybe that the waitstaff kept handing me desserts... But I just was in no hurry to head out, even as the crowd dwindled to their closest friends and family.

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Congratulations, Rachel and Robert!

Doubleheader Pt. II - At The Mansion by Zack Wussow

For the second time this weekend, rain on a wedding day. But no worries, because the Tarrywile Mansion may have the best "back-up room" I've ever seen.

Actually, the entire place is stunning. Marylou and Kevin put together an amazing day too, starting with the bridal party getting ready in the suites upstairs.

They opted for a first look, but wanted it to be something more than the standard "bride walking up behind the groom". We found a spot where they could talk before seeing each other - Marylou's reaction when she caught just a glimpse of his tie around the corner was amazing.  It only got better when they turned the corner.

The ceremony was beautiful, and the reception was intimate and fun.

Marylou and Kevin braved the cold (as did a few of her devoted bridesmaids) for some posed photos.

And, of course, there was time for lots of dancing. Exciting, energetic dancing.

It was an amazing night. Congratulations Marylou and Kevin!

(I had a busy weekend - this is part 2. You can see the other part here. Or, you can check out Marylou and Kevin's engagement shoot... in Boston!)