Lovely in Lavender by Zack Wussow

I’ve previously worked with Maria and Shawn twice - for their engagement and then their wedding. So I was very excited when, right around their first anniversary, they contacted me about doing newborn photos of their beautiful baby girl, Emily!


We decided on using the nursery in their new house (it’s been a busy year!), a lovely room in shades of lavender and bunny.


Emily was a bit fussy at first, but with a little patience and creativity we found ways to get her settled. (Or perhaps she just wore herself out…)


Either way, she was really cute…


...right down to her little toes!

Welcome to the World by Zack Wussow

Back in 2015, I photographed Jen and Alex's wedding in Vermont. It was an amazing event in a beautiful setting.


I was thrilled when I heard they were expecting a little boy this spring, and went up to do a few newborn photos for them. 


It was my first newborn session - I brought just about every piece of photo gear (and every soft blanket) I own so I knew I'd have all the bases covered. Unneeded, as it turned out - Jen and Alex have such a beautiful house, and the light from the window was so perfect, I needed nothing but my camera.


Little Zack (obviously, I really approve of the name choice) was very cooperative! I was expecting him to be more bothered by my camera, but he slept right through every photo and outfit change. It was a really fun experience and definitely something I'd like to do more of!