Expecting Spring by Zack Wussow

When Eileen and I planned to do maternity photos for her in late March, I think we both expected it to be a spring shoot. So imagine our surprise when there was fresh snow on the ground!


But Eileen and John were happy to tough it out, and I really like how the photos came out!


I love the contrast between the monochromatic woods and Eileen's bright red dress. It's a great look.


Thanks again Eileen and John! Can't wait to meet little John!

Winter Wonderland by Zack Wussow

Emily and Ed (adopters of my former chinchilla, incidentally) reached out to me for couple's portraits. I was so excited because they had a really fun, different idea: we waited for a good, solid snowfall and then met at Bancroft Castle


It's a beautiful location - cool ruined building, surrounded by beautiful rural New England vistas. And the snow was fresh and bright. Couldn't ask for more.


Unfortunately, we also managed to do it during a stretch of record-breaking cold, so it was an unusually bracing photo outing. Not that it slowed us down!


Every wedding, engagement, and portrait shoot has its own unique flavor and challenges, but it's really fun to do something so unusual. 


Thanks for being so game, Emily and Ed!

Time to Breathe by Zack Wussow


For the first time since about mid-August, my schedule has room in it. A lot of room, actually. Par for the photography course - summer and fall are extremely busy, spring and especially winter not so much.

Which is not to say I'm done for the year. This week is still busy (three yearbook shoots and a wedding), and there's still editing to catch up on, contracts to sign for next year, taxes to file, updates to the website to be done. 

But I can take a breath again. It's a time of year I really enjoy. I get to reflect on how the past year went (more on that to come) and plan for the pending year, and I get to pursue some personal projects that I wouldn't have time for otherwise.

It's a pretty awesome time of year.

(My girlfriend would like to remind me that a month from now I'll be suffering from severe cabin fever and hating this downtime... Well, maybe. But right now it feels great.)