Throwback: Flexability by Zack Wussow

(I’m on the road a lot this month, so here’s another throwback post, to an amazing series of shoots that produced one of my favorite - and only - diptychs of my career.)

Early on, I was looking for some fun and different ways to use my studio set-up, and my friend Amanda suggested doing some photos of her yoga practice.

AmandaYoga1 022.jpg
AmandaYoga1 145.jpg

She ran through a variety of positions as I used a couple of different lighting setups.

AmandaYoga2 008.jpg
AmandaYoga1 020.jpg

It was a ton of fun. And an extra cool detail - when I did her maternity photos the following year, we made sure she hit a few of the same poses so we could get side by side comparisons.


Pretty awesome! We got other excellent maternity photos as well. (Though I probably like the ones we did for her second child better...)


Two really fun shoots!

Expecting Spring by Zack Wussow

When Eileen and I planned to do maternity photos for her in late March, I think we both expected it to be a spring shoot. So imagine our surprise when there was fresh snow on the ground!


But Eileen and John were happy to tough it out, and I really like how the photos came out!


I love the contrast between the monochromatic woods and Eileen's bright red dress. It's a great look.


Thanks again Eileen and John! Can't wait to meet little John!

Miami Maternity by Zack Wussow

I recently spent about a week in Miami visiting family, and I brought my camera, because I knew some of my extended family were expecting.


I met up with Victor and Joyce on a stretch of South Beach. As soon as a very, very small wedding cleared out, we had the beach mostly to ourselves despite the weather being beautiful. (By Connecticut standards of January, anyway...)


The rocky pier, smooth beach, and grassy dunes made for a beautiful backdrop, and the overcast sky produced a beautiful, soft light.


It was such a treat, and I'm glad that the timing of our trip worked out so perfectly.


Plus, since I had my camera handy, we took some family photos. The old ones were starting to show their age and embarrass the children, so... It was time.


Back in CT, and back to work!

Expecting by Zack Wussow

I first met Paulina and Christhian at a wedding, and then I did their engagement photos for them a while later. So I was very excited when Paulina asked me to take photos of their expanding family!

We met on a muggy summer afternoon at perennial portrait hotspot Wickham Park, and looped through the rose garden, Japanese garden, and Italian shrine. It was perfect timing - the park looked great with lots of flowers.

I'm so excited for them and their little one due any day now! I hope this becomes a trend - I'd love to see more couples come back for a maternity session!


Hailey on the Way by Zack Wussow

I haven't done a lot of maternity photos, but it's always so much fun when I do. I don't need to tell you, pregnancy is amazing, maybe the most amazing thing humans do.

It's even better if you get to see it with your friends and their adorable daughter.

We set up my pop-up studio in their living room, two lights, and played around.

Little Juliet was a good sport (once she had her pancakes) and is clearly ready for her new sister to arrive.

I'm so excited to see Amanda's family expand and to meet little Hailey.

Swati and Saurin by Zack Wussow

I'm pretty new to maternity photos, but when I get a chance to do them, I jump at it. (Seriously, how great is my job? I pretty much exclusively work with people on their happiest occasions.)

Swati and Saurin are recent transplants from Texas, due next month. They're a sweet couple, and quite frankly their kid has a 100% chance of being adorable.

They brought donuts as well, which, you know, doesn't hurt. I also ran into a couple birders at our second location, who showed me a very rare bird. 

Sunrise, beach, glowing parents-to-be, donuts, and wildlife, all before 9:00 AM? That's a good day.